Continuing Religious Education

The philosophy of the Spiritualists is an important part of their lifestyle, and they believe that education is one of the best ways to help...


Attending a Service

People are often curious about churches where Spiritualists hold their worship services, and they may choose to attend a service to find out what it...


Choosing to Marry in a Spiritualist Church

Couples, no matter what their religious beliefs, often prefer to be married within the confines of a church. Because Spiritualism has been largely misunderstood for...


A Greater Connection

Many people who are seeking spirituality feel disconnected from the modern world, and they believe that a spiritual connection might serve them best. While it...


The Healing Power of Spiritualism

There are people, even those who practice other faiths, will turn to Spiritualism for healing. Many of the body's defenses to fight illness are often...

There have always been people who sensed those who have passed on from life, and they have long believed these spirits live among us. Ancient spiritualists were a product of their culture, and many of them believed in a multitude of Gods who controlled the spirit world. Today's Spiritualists believe there is only a single God, and that we are all continuously connected through this being. Their beliefs have spread, and they no longer have to hide their beliefs from the rest of the world.

Spiritualism is a modern day religion, and it has its own ordained ministers and churches. Many of these recognize there is value in other religions, and some hold on to useful ideas, concepts and traditions from long established religious institutions. Practitioners and congregants of their religion recognize no prohibition of worship in other religious belief systems, and they encourage their members to find spirituality in every part of their lives.