Choosing to Marry in a Spiritualist Church

Couples, no matter what their religious beliefs, often prefer to be married within the confines of a church. Because Spiritualism has been largely misunderstood for centuries, many people fail to recognize this religion as one that has ordained ministers who can perform legally acceptable religious marriages. Modern churches of this faith have their own rules for marriage, but many people are welcome to have their ceremony performed within the church. Membership is encouraged, but exceptions are made for couples outside the church.

A modern wedding in a Spiritualist Church has many of the same forms as other accepted religions, and this includes the exchange of vows in front of friends and family. The bride wants to look her best for their special day, and she will generally purchase a special dress, hire a wedding makeup artist, hair stylist and choose attendants. The groom will await her as she walks down the aisle. Guests are welcome to attend at the couple's invitation, and this includes those who now reside in the spirit world.

There are many options for a couple who wants to have a wedding ceremony in this faith, and one of the choices concerns any musical accompaniment to their ceremony. A wedding violinist is acceptable for couples who want the emotional tones provided by a professional. Musical choices are as varied as the couples, and they can include a jazz band with a wedding saxophonist, or there may be traditional music played on an organ or guitar.

Arranging a wedding is the same as many churches, and there are usually nominal fees for use of the church. Not all church properties have large halls, and some receptions may have to be held elsewhere. It is important to understand that any Spiritualist Church performing a wedding ceremony believes the couple and their guests accepts their basic principles and understands them, and wedding vows in these churches are as legal and binding as any other religious ceremony.