Attending a Service

People are often curious about churches where Spiritualists hold their worship services, and they may choose to attend a service to find out what it entails. It is important to remember that these services should be treated as those of any other church, and a non-member who attends should be respectful of the beliefs of the congregants. Basic services open with a prayer, and this is followed by a sermon. After the sermon has been delivered, there is generally another prayer session. Individual readings and healings are generally done after the service has ended.

Spiritualism recognizes the validity of other religions, and many of their church buildings reflect this belief. As with Christian churches, the windows are generally stained glass. They do not necessarily reflect the stories related to the faith, but many are in place to help provide an atmosphere of spirituality. The faith of these churches often attracts people with artistic gifts, and some windows are donated to the church.

When a church does not have artistically gifted members, they must purchase their stained glass windows. These come at a high price in today's markets, and alternatives are acceptable. The use of glass transfers to create the look of stained glass is a good fit for this alternative religion. The glass decals are designed to the buyer's specifications, and they are then affixed to a flat window pane. This is a way to help people feel the spirituality of the service through the beauty of the windows.

Services in this faith are a celebration of the gifts that flow from the spirit world to this one, and all people are welcome. Those who attend for readings or healing by a medium will have to wait until after the service, and donations are always welcomed. Many churches recognize outsiders do attend their services, and they generally provide information on how the service will be conducted as well as the suggested amount of donation that should be given for each medium's services.