Continuing Religious Education

The philosophy of the Spiritualists is an important part of their lifestyle, and they believe that education is one of the best ways to help their membership continue to grow. Each person who belongs to their faith contributes as a member, and some of them choose to educate others. Learning is held in high esteem, and taking classes is seen as a normal part of the progression of remaining in the church.

Many religions now stress continuing education in adulthood, but it has not always been the case. Most of them reserved further education for those who were consecrated as priests or preachers, and lay people were simply expected to live simply. Spiritualism is a more recent religion, so they have always valued continuing education as a need for their members. Classes are held at Spiritualist Churches on a regular basis, and anyone is welcome to attend them.

Contributing to the education of adult members and helping those outside the faith to learn more are considered an important part of being a Spiritualist, so they encourage members to learn and spread the information. For those who are inclined to teach, they have the opportunity to provide classes for their fellow worshipers. Some specialize in particular areas, but others teach general knowledge classes for the faithful and outsiders.

Education in other religions is also a part of the knowledge spread by the Spiritualist Church, and they welcome people from any faith. Much of what they teach is more in-depth knowledge about other religions, and they explain how it applies to their membership. Those who attend these classes are often passionate about learning, and some of them will go on to write books for the church. Others have realized they have special gifts, and they are interested in learning more about how to develop them within the framework of their religion.