The Healing Power of Spiritualism

There are people, even those who practice other faiths, will turn to Spiritualism for healing. Many of the body's defenses to fight illness are often shut off by stress, and this is the first avenue a healing medium will use to help a person. Healers of this faith believe it is a combination of the mind, emotions, body and spirit that control the health of individuals. Their healing is done in a number of ways, and the person need not be physically touched by the healer to receive the benefit of their gift.

Spiritualist healers believe people can be healed through direct contact, distance healing and spiritual healing by a doctor who already resides in the spiritual realm. Each of these methods is part of the process a person may go through when they have selected this type of religious experience. For those who would rather not attend a church, self healing is also part of the belief system, and it is combined with meditation.